Welcome. In my photo galleries you'll see some of the amazing beauty and biodiversity of the natural world that surrounds us. Most of my wildlife and macro photography is shot in the wild and features New Zealand flora and fauna. All photos are available for sale and licensing.

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Crinipellis procera (Horsehair Fungus)Tremellodendropsis flagelliformis (Coral Fungus)Nicandra physalodes (Apple of Peru)Crocosmia crocosmiiflora (Montbretia)Knightia excelsa (Rewarewa)Ceratotherium simum (Southern White Rhino)Ateles geoffroyi (Geoffroy's Spider Monkey)Aythya novaeseelandiae  (NZ Scaup)

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3.PhotosEcosse. Barbara R Jones
What a stunning website, well done Steve. First class images, and I wish you Good Luck and much success ! Keep 'em coming !
2.Karl Williams Photography
Good luck, mate! If you ever need help with Zenfolio, you know where I am.