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Stethaspis suturalis

Tanguru Chafer Beetle

New Zealand Status: Endemic
Conservation Status: unknown

Stethaspis suturalis is a bright green, medium sized, scarab beetle that's commonly known as the Tanguru Chafer beetle. Its large whitish coloured larvae live in the ground and feed on the roots of trees and various plants, occasionaly doing considerable damage to grass.

Stethaspis suturalis adult beetles emerge in summer and fly with a buzzing sound that is heard in the early evening. Unlike the majority of nocturnal Coleoptera, this insect does not appear to be attracted by light.
The Mumu Chafer (Stethaspis longicornis) is very similar except it does not have a yellow stripe down its back or yellow edges on its thorax.

Stethaspis suturalis occurs in native forests and pine plantations throughout New Zealand.
Stethaspis suturalis, Tanguru Chafer Beetle on FernStethaspis suturalis, Tanguru Chafer Beetle