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Solanum chenopodioides

Velvety Nightshade

New Zealand Status: Introduced
Conservation Status: Naturalised

Solanum chenopodioides is a perennial herb with a sprawling habit that grows to 1.5m high. The leaves are 40 to 70mm long and 20.40mm wide, ovate to lanceolate in shape and green to grey-green in colour with smooth or shallowly lobed margins. The leaves and stems are covered with fine hairs making them feel velvety to the touch.
Flowering occurs mainly in summer. Inflorescences have 5 to 10 white flowers, 12 to 20mm in diameter, with 5 petals. Peduncles are 10 to 20mm long and individual pedicels 5 to 8mm long. The globular berries are 5 to 9mm in diameter, initially green in colour and turn black as they ripen. Ripe berries are not shiny.

Solanum chenopodioides is often mistaken for S. nigrum or S. americanum.

Solanum chenopodioides is usually found on waste land, roadsides, at forest and bush margins, under poplars and willows. Seeds are spread by birds.
Solanum chenopodioides, Velvety Nightshade FlowersSolanum chenopodioides, Velvety Nightshade BerriesSolanum chenopodioides, Velvety Nightshade Leaves