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Sidymella longipes

Square-ended Crab Spider

New Zealand Status: Indigenous
Conservation Status: Unknown

Sidymella longipes is a medium-sized, square-ended crab spider with long semi-transparent legs, that's native to Australia. The species-specific epithet 'longipes' means long legs.

The spider has pale, semi-transparent legs. The first two pairs of legs are the longest and are armed with strong spines. When the spider is at rest the first two pairs of legs are pointed forward in a parallel position which, when it's resting on a twig, makes it hard to see.

The females are 9mm to 15mm in body length, the male is a little smaller. They are comparatively smooth-looking and predominantly pale brown in colour, unlike the NZ endemic species, such as Sidymella angularis, which have a rather gnarled appearance and occur in various colours.

Sidymella longipes is found in modified habitats in the North Island of New Zealand ranging from gardens to bush in leaf litter and on ferns and grasses.
Sidymella longipes on a Leaf