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Pyrrosia eleagnifolia

Leather-leaf Fern

New Zealand Status: Endemic
Conservation Status: Not Threatened

Pyrrosia eleagnifolia is a creeping fern commonly found in coastal and montane regions. It grows on rocks, fallen logs, cliffs, and as an epiphyte on the branches and trunks of native and introduced trees. It is a very tough and adaptable fern that can survive dry conditions.

The Leather-leaf fern has thick fleshy, undivided fronds that are rounded and vary in length. The sori develop in several rows either side of the midrib on the underside of the fronds.

Common in lowland to montane areas throughout New Zealand, from sea level to about 900 metres. Uncommon in inland parts of the South Island, especially Otago.
Pyrrosia eleagnifolia, Leather-Leaf Fern Leaves & Sori