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Paesia scaberula

Lace Fern

New Zealand Status: Endemic
Conservation Status: Not Threatened

Paesia scaberula is a New Zealand native fern that grows to a height of around 0.4m with a spread of 2m. It has long creeping stems (rhizomes) which enable it to spread easily. The large highly divided fronds are 20-115cm long with an ovate to elliptic blade that divides 3 to 4 into leaflets. The frond stalk (stipe) and blade are both covered with short sticky hairs which have a jointed stalk and a glandular tip. A strongly scented sticky secretion is released when dew is touched by sun.

Coastal to montane. An often common fern of open or disturbed ground, rough pasture, grassland, roadsides, or reverting farmland - where it often is considered a serious pest.
Paesia scaberula, Lace Fern