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Pachyrhamma longpipes

Cave Weta

New Zealand Status: Endemic
Conservation Status: Not Threatened

Pachyrhamma longpipes, previously Gymnoplectron longpipes, is a very large species with nearly uniform dark brown colouration. The hind tibiae each has two rows of prominent linear spines which makes them look a little like blackberry stems. The body length is typically around 32mm and the female's ovipositor is about 30mm long. The antennae are typically around four times the body length.

The genus Pachyrhamma has recently been revised and now includes Gymnoplectron and Turbottoplectron.

Pachyrhamma longpipes is found in hollow trees or after emerging at night throughout North Island, except Northland.
Cave Weta (female) on a LogPachyrhamma longpipes, Cave Weta (female) Among Leaf Litter