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Procyliosoma delacyi
ssp. striolatum

Pill Millipede

New Zealand Status: Endemic
Conservation Status: n/a

Procyliosoma delacyi striolatum has a head and twelve body segments. Males are typically up to 9mm wide and 18mm long, females up to 10mm wide and 19mm long. There is considerable variation in colour from light to dark brown. In some specimens all or some of the body plates (tergites) are marbled or spotted with black. In non-marbled specimens the hind margins of the tergites are usually blackish. The hard, shiny tergites partially overlap and have a few widely spaced setae (hairs) a short distance from the posterior margin.

When disturbed pill millipedes roll, called conglobation, into a pill shaped ball for protection from predators.

Procyliosoma delacyi striolatum prefer damp, protected, habitats. During the day they are found under logs and rotting wood, in moss, and in leaf litter, often at the base of trees in forests and bush. They come out at night to feed on decaying leaves.
Procyliosoma delacyi striolatum, Pill Millipede