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Blosyropus spinosus

Spiny Longhorn Beetle

New Zealand Status: Endemic
Conservation Status: Not Threatened

Blosyropus spinosus is a large nocturnal, flightless, beetle that occurs at scattered sites throughout the country. It is a rare insect but is no longer believed to be endangered.

The Spiny Longhorn gets its name because it has has four large spines in front of the wing-covers and another two on its head. It is a relative of, and grows to around the same size as, the well known Huhu beetle making it one of the largest beetles in New Zealand.

The larvae live in burrows just below ground level, blocked with plugs of chewed wood. Emergence is typically from August through to February.
Blosyropus spinosus, Spiny Longhorn BeetleBlosyropus spinosus, Spiny Longhorn Beetle on FernBlosyropus spinosus, Spiny Longhorn Beetle FaceBlosyropus spinosus, Spiny Longhorn Beetle Dorsal View