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Oxalis incarnata

Pale Wood Sorrel

New Zealand Status: Introduced
Conservation Status: Naturalised

Oxalis incarnata is a sprawling perenial herb that grows, from a system of rhizomes and bulbs, to about 250mm high with clusters of green leaves at the ends of hairless, branched, stems and trumpet shaped flowers held above the leaves.

The leaves are produced annually and each comprises of three (trifoliate) heart-shaped leaflets 6-10mm long and 9-18mm wide. The flowers bloom in late spring and summer, are pale pink to lilac, occasionally white, with a green to yellow tube, 5 petals 14-22mm long, and 10 stamens.

The plant reproduces by bulbs which are dispersed by cultivation or other soil movement such as the disposal of nursery soil and garden waste.

Oxalis incarnata is a shade-loving species. It is considered a weed of gardens, lawns, waterways, roadsides, disturbed and wasteland areas, pastures, grasslands, open woodlands, crops and orchards.
Oxalis incarnata, Pale Wood Sorrel Flowers