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Nicandra physalodes

Apple of Peru

New Zealand Status: Introduced
Conservation Status: n/a

Nicandra is a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the nightshade family containing only one species Nicandra physalodes. It is commonly known as Apple-of-Peru or Shoo-fly plant and is probably poisonous.

Plants grow vigorously and reach 1 metre tall with spreading branches. The leaves are ovate, mid-green, with toothed and waved margins. The flowers are bell-shaped, about 50mm in diameter, pale violet with white throats (occasionally pure white) and open for only a few hours a day. Flowers become lantern shaped as they near the end of their blooming period. The fruiting calyx is deeply lobed. It has brown berries, 10-20mm across, in a five sided net-viened, fruit capsule similar to a Cape Gooseberry (Physalis peruviana).

Nicandra physalodes is a weed of crop lands throughout the world in temperate and tropic zones.
Nicandra physalodes, Apple of Peru FlowerNicandra physalodes, Apple of Peru New Growth LeavesNicandra physalodes, Apple of Peru Flower from SideNicandra physalodes, Apple of Peru Ripe Seed Pod