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Neocicindela tuberculata

Tiger Beetle

New Zealand Status: Endemic
Conservation Status: unknown

Neocicindela tuberculata adults (beetles) are about 9-12mm long with a dark brown head and pronotum, long legs typical of tiger beetles, and tarsal claws that are about half the length of tarsal segment 5. The elytra (wing coverings) are dark brown, with some tinges of velvet black, and ivory coloured markings along the outer edges. The dark areas of the elytra have a moderately metallic sheen that is bronze or greenish in colour. They have dark antennae and femurs, but pale tibias and tarsi.

The larvae have a 13-segmented abdomen that is slender and elongate. It has paired sub-apical cerci and prominent dorsal hooks on the 5th segment of the abdomen that are used to hold them in their burrow. The tarsi contains one or two claws. They have lateral ocelli (eyes) that can scan a wide field of vision as well as look in different directions for prey.

Neocicindela tuberculata in most habitats in a wide range of altitudes but prefer open lowland areas.
Neocicindela tuberculata, Common Tiger beetle