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Mycena ura

Crimson Helmet

New Zealand Status: Endemic
Conservation Status: n/a

Mycena ura, previously known as Mycena miniata, has a crimson coloured cap (pileus) that is 3mm to 7mm in diameter, striate at edge, darker at centre. It is moist and dries paler. The flesh is thin and crimson coloured. The gills are adnate, pink with crimson margins. The stipe (stem) is 20mm to 40mm long and 0.5mm to 1mm in diameter, smooth and also crimson coloured with fibrils (threads) at its base. It produces a small amount of red coloured latex on breaking.

Mycena ura is endemic to New Zealand. It occurs on leaf litter, fallen twigs and branches in lowland and montane forests.
Mycena ura, Crimson Helmet Fungus