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Miomantis caffra

Springbok Mantis

New Zealand Status: Introduced
Conservation Status: n/a

Miomantis caffra is a species of praying mantis native to Southern Africa. It was first found in New Zealand in 1978.

Adults of M. caffra are usually 32–60mm long, pale green or brown in colour. Sometimes a pink or purplish colouration occurs near base of fore-wing. The hind wings are green or bright yellow. Its pronotum is narrower than the head, approximately 35% of its body length, rounded dorsally, and swollen over the leg attachment. Males are smaller, more slender and have longer antennae than females.

After mating, the Miomantis caffra female eats the male. This canabalism does not occur in the New Zealand species Orthodera novaezealandiae.

Miomantis caffra occurs in gardens, scrub, and grasslands in places where winters are mild. They often hide in leaf litter or on the under-side of living leaves on plants.
Miomantis caffra, Springbok Mantis (Brown Form)Springbok Mantis (Brown Form)Springbok Mantis