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Micromus tasmaniae

Tasmanian Lacewing

New Zealand Status: Indigenous
Conservation Status: Not Threatened
Micromus tasmaniae adults are brown, 7.5mm to 10mm long, with two pairs of hairy wings that are held tent-like over their slender bodies. They have small heads with large black compound eyes, usually with greenish iridescence. Their long antennae are held out in front.

Tasmanian lacewings breed all year. Female lacewings prefer to lay their lozenge-shaped white eggs on plant hairs, spider webs or other fibres. The mottled brown larva are about 1.8mm long on hatching and grow to 7mm to 9mm long before pupation.

Micromus tasmaniae is widespread in New Zealand. It can be found in grassland, vegetable crops, field crops, cereals and other habitats with low-growing vegetation where the adults and larvae feed on small insects, in particular aphids.
Micromus tasmaniae, Tasmanian Lacewing