Class: Marchantiopsida

This group contains all our photo galleries of plant life, belonging to the Taxonomic Class Marchantiopsida, the Complex Thalloid Liverworts. The galleries of photos are sorted by their Taxonomic Genus and Species. Click on the photo to view the gallery contents.

Marchantiopsida are characterised as being complex thalloid liverworts. They have a global distribution and commonly occur on moist earth or mud. A few species grow in water. The gametophore of species in this class is always thallose. The thallus, which is generally several cells thick, typically exhibits dichotomous branching. The differentiated tissues of the thallus is the reason species in this class are termed "complex thalloid liverworts", and it distinguishes them from the simple thalloid liverworts of the class Jungermanniopsida.
Marchantia foliacea (Thallose Liverwort)