This group contains all our photo galleries of animal life, belonging to the Taxonomic Class Mammalia, the mammals. The galleries of photos are sorted by their Taxonomic Genus and Species. Click on the photo to view the gallery contents.

All mammals are endothermic also known as warm blooded and are able to control their body temperature enabling them to live in almost every habitat. They are all vertebrates which means they have a spine or backbone, have hair on their bodies, and produce milk to feed their young.
Mammals range in size from the largest animals on the planet, the Blue Whale at around 33 metres long and can weigh over 180,000kg, to the tiny Bumblebee Bat which only around 30mm long and only weighs around 2grams. The basic body type is a four-legged land-borne animal but some mammal species are adapted for life in marine environments, in the air, in trees, and some for life on two legs. Around a quarter of the world’s mammal species are currently threatened with extinction.
Ateles geoffroyi (Geoffroy's Spider Monkey)Ceratotherium simum (Southern White Rhino)Erinaceus europaeus (European Hedgehog)Oryctolagus cuniculus (European Rabbit)Panthera leo (African Lion)Trichosurus vulpecula (Brushtail Possum)