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Litoria aurea

Green & Golden Bell Frog

New Zealand Status: Introduced
Conservation Status: Naturalised

Litoria aurea was introduced from Australia into New Zealand in the late 1860s. It is found in upper North Island around the same bodies of water as the Southern Bell Frog and may interbreed.

Litoria aurea has smooth, overall bright green skin that's interspersed with gold or bronze patches. A fold of skin, usually cream coloured, runs from the eye along the side of the frog to its groin and a thin black line extends from the edge of this fold over the frog's head to its nostrils. They have a smooth white belly while the back of their thighs and groin are bright blue. All toes and fingers have suckers for climbing but only the hind feet are webbed. Males have an average length of about 60 mm while females can be larger than 90 mm.
Litoria aurea, Green and Golden Bell Frog on a Flax LeafGreen & Golden Bell Frog