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Kunzea robusta


New Zealand Status: Endemic
Conservation Status: Not Threatened

Kunzea robusta is a common, tree of NZ North and South Islands that grows 8-30 metres tall. The bark is stringy, firmly attached above and detaching basally, often hanging semi-detached and peeling upwards along trunk in strips. Its branches are initially erect, soon arching outwards and spreading. Branchlets are numerous and slender, copiously covered in fine, appressed, hairs 0.03-0.2mm long.

The leaves are variable up to 20mm long, soft to the touch, light to dark green above, paler beneath, lanceolate usually with a sharp apex. The flowers are borne in clusters, white (rarely pink) with a red centre, 4-12mm in diameter with 5-6 petals and 15-58 stamens that are usually longer than the petals.

Kunzea robusta occurs in coastal to lowland shrubland, regenerating forest and forest margins. It is also present in montane forest and very occasionally present in subalpine shrubland up to about 900 metres elevation.
Kunzea robusta, Kanuka Flowers