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Gymnopilus junonius

Giant Flame Cap

New Zealand Status: Introduced
Conservation Status: n/a

Gymnopilus junonius is a large poisonous mushroom. The cap ranges from 70mm to 200mm in diameter, is convex, and is bright orange, orange/brown, or reddish brown with a dry scaly surface. The stem is 25mm to 260mm long, 8mm to 9mm thick, and often narrows near the base. It has a frail ring that's often dusted with rusty orange spores. The flesh is yellow and the gill attachment to the stem is adnate to sub-decurrent. The spore print is rusty orange.

Gymnopilus junonius usually grows in dense clusters on dead tree stumps, logs, or the lower trunk of hardwood and conifer trees.
Juvenile Giant Flamecap UndersideJuvenile Giant Flamecaps