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Fumaria capreolata

White Ramping Fumatory

New Zealand Status: Introduced
Conservation Status: Naturalised

Fumaria capreolata is an annual herb with weak, many branched, stems up to 1000mm long that that scrambles over the ground and other plants. Leaves are bright green, hairless, and usually three lobed.

Inflorescences of up to 20 purple tipped white flowers appear in spring and summer. The flowers are white with a dark red tip and have a 4 to 5mm stalk that bends downward. The petals are in two pairs about 9 to 12mm long and close together at their tips giving a somewhat cylindrical flower.

Fumaria capreolata is used in traditional medicine in North Africa for its gastrointestinal and anti-inflammatory activities.

Fumaria capreolata occurs in a wide range of habitats including wasteland, roadsides, gardens, and parks. Unlike other Fumaria species, that are classed as agricultural weeds, F. capreolata is classed as an environmental weed because it can become naturalised in areas of native vegetation and can smother low growing plants.
Fumaria capreolata, White Ramping Fumitory FlowersFumaria capreolata, Dense Mat of Foliage