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Euphorbia glauca

NZ Shore Spurge

New Zealand Status: Endemic
Conservation Status: Declining

Euphorbia glauca is a coastal plant of ecological importance that is endemic to New Zealand. Its colour varies from pastel green to vivid blue-grey foliage and it grows with a wide creeping habit and underground rhizomes.

Euphorbia glauca is a perennial herb with multiple erect stems up to 1 m tall with redish stems and alternate blue-green leaves. The flowers are in terminal bunches and each flower is surrounded by a deep red cup-like structure with purple glands. This plant has a burning milky sap. Flowers are produced from October to February and fruit occur from December to May.

This plant is listed in the New Zealand Threat Classification System as in serious decline.
Euphorbia glauca, Patch of NZ Shore SpurgeEuphorbia glauca, NZ Shore SpurgeEuphorbia glauca, NZ Shore Spurge FlowerEuphorbia glauca, NZ Shore Spurge Flowering Stem