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Elatostema rugosum

Parataniwha, NZ Begonia

New Zealand Status: Endemic
Conservation Status: Not Threatened

Elatostema rugosum is a fleshy, low growing, herb that grows in damp, heavily shaded, forest locations. It is often found growing alongside streams and on permanently damp ground. It can be found on North Island from North Cape to the Tararua Ranges.

Parataniwha has characteristic purple-green, serrated, rough surfaced leaves that often form mats to the exclusion of all other plants. It is part of the nettle family of plants but unlike other more notorious native nettles, such as ongaonga, does not have stinging hairs.
Elatostema rugosum, Parataniwha, New Zealand BegoniaElatostema rugosum, Parataniwha, New Zealand Begonia