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Cryptachaea veruculata

NZ Cobweb Spider

New Zealand Status: Native
Conservation Status: n/a

Cryptachaea veruculata is a small spider native to NZ and Australia. Commonly known as the Diamond Comb-footed Spider it is often referred to simply as Cobweb Spider in New Zealand.

This species was moved from genus Achaearanea in 2008.

Females reach a body size of about 4 mm, males only about 1.5 mm. They sometimes build small untidy webs in flowers and green vegetation but will also build webs in the corners of outer walls of buildings and other man-made structures such as bridges and picnic tables. Cryptachaea veruculata has been shown to have some potential to control spider mites and leafroller caterpillars in NZ.
Cryptachaea veruculata, Diamond Comb-footed Spider, NZ Cobweb Spider