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Colaranea viriditas

NZ Green Orb Web Spider

New Zealand Status: Endemic
Conservation Status: n/a

Colaranea viriditas is an endemic NZ orbweb spider, commonly known as the Green orb Web (viriditas means green in latin), although it does have variable colours and abdominal patterns. Its eight eyes are arranged in two horizontal rows with four eyes in each row. When disturbed Colaranea viriditas spiders will drop to the ground and curl their legs up making them difficult to be seen by predators.

The females are about 7mm to 10mm body length. The males are much smaller than the females and are usually less brightly coloured. They often spin their own smaller orb web near the edge of the female's web. Males are also quite reclusive so its rare to see them.

Colaranea viriditas can be found around the edges of bush areas and are common in gardens.
Colaranea viriditas, NZ Green Orb Web Colour VariationNZ Green Orb Web on WebNZ Green Orb Web on Flax Leaf