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Austrocidaria bipartita

Coprosma Carpet Moth

New Zealand Status: Endemic
Conservation Status: Unknown

Austrocidaria bipartita adults can be found throughout the year but mainly from September to April. They rest camouflaged on tree trunks during the day and fly at night. The female usually has a strongly bi-colour wing pattern that is whitish and deep redish-brown. The distinctive, tooth-like, marking just beyond the middle of the forewing distinguishes Austrocidaria bipartita from the other brown species of this genus.

The larvae have have humps on the back of two abdominal segments and feed on a variety of Coprosma trees and shrubs. They pupate among the leaves of the host plant or in detritus at its base.

Austrocidaria bipartita occurs in native forest and bush throughout New Zealand.
Austrocidaria bipartita, Coprosma Carpet Moths Mating