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Arthropodium cirratum

Rengarenga, NZ Rock Lily

New Zealand Status: Endemic
Conservation Status: Not Threatened

Arthropodium cirratum, Rengarenga, is an endemic lily that is found in rocky coastal areas in North Island and the upper South Island of New Zealand. Rengarenga is no longer common in the wild in some regions of its habitat but it is now widely cultivated. It is often referred to as the New Zealand rock lily.

Rengarenga is a clump forming plant with grey green glaucous foliage. Its leaves are soft and drooping. The plant forms extensive colonies and in late spring bears panicles of starry white flowers, with six petals, on stalks about 30m tall. The flowers have purple and yellow stamens that are curled at the ends hence its specific name 'cirratum' which means curled.
Arthropodium cirratum, Open Rengarenga Seed CapsuleArthropodium cirratum, Rengarenga Seed Pods After FloweringArthropodium cirratum, Rengarenga FlowerArthropodium cirratum, Rengarenga Flowering