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Amanita muscaria

Fly Agaric Fungus

New Zealand Status: Introduced
Conservation Status: Not Threatened

The fly agaric is an instantly recognisable toadstool. This fungus is dangerously poisonous and should NEVER be tasted.

The fly agaric has a bright red cap, which fades to an orange or orange-yellowish colour with age. The fluffy white spots on the cap often take on a yellowish tinge as they grow old, and may occasionally be washed off by heavy rain. The stem has a bulbous base that tapers towards the cap. The fly agaric gets its name from the fact that since medieval times it was commonly broken up in milk or sprinkled with sugar and used as a fly killer.

Amanita muscaria is abundant below Pinus radiata trees throughout the North Island and the Northern part of the South Island.
Amanita muscaria, Fly Agaric MushroomAmanita muscaria Fly Agaric Button