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Allium triquetrum

Onion Weed

New Zealand Status: Introduced
Conservation Status: n/a

Allium triquetrum is a perennial herb with fleshy grass-like leaves and small, white, bell-shaped flowers that have green mid-veins. It grows in clumps to about 60cm high. The leaves and stalks are triangular in section and have a distinct onion smell when crushed. Onion weed can be found in disturbed forest and shrub land, stream sides, herb fields and bare land. It is a persistent and troublesome weed forming dense colonies.

Many parts of the plant are edible and can be used in salads or as a flavouring in cooked foods. The leaves have a mild onion flavour while the flowers and bulbs have a mild garlic flavour.

May be toxic if eaten in large quantities, dogs being particularly susceptible. If eaten by cows the milk will be tainted.
Allium triquetrum, Patch of Onion WeedAllium triquetrum, Onion Weed Flowers