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I’ve been hooked on photography since childhood and was making prints from black and white negatives in my early teens. I progressed to the 35mm film format and later purchased my first SLR camera, a Minolta SRT101 which served me well for many years before I made the switch to digital with my first DSLR camera, a Canon 20D. As an electronics engineer by trade with a lifelong interest in science, especially the Earth and Environmental Sciences, digital photography of our natural world somehow seems like it was inevitable.

I mainly specialise in photographing the beauty of nature, wildlife and macro subjects and aim to photograph as many different species of plants and animals as I can. Properly identifying the various species I photograph is an enjoyable challenge and one that I spend quite a lot of time on, but I'm not a scientist so some mistakes are inevitable and will be corrected as I become aware of them.

Some people have asked why I use the scientific (Latin) names for the flora and fauna species and their taxonomic groups rather than their common (English) names. I believe that the first step toward understanding something is to learn its correct name. Whilst all described species have a scientific name, many don’t have a common name, some have multiple common names, and sometimes a single common name is used for several very different species, so using their accepted scientific names is the best way.

I hope that through my photography others will find, as I have, a fascination for the natural world and the abundant variety of life that surrounds us. It’s easy to walk through a forest only seeing the trees but, if the time is taken to stop and sit in a quiet spot for even a short time, we begin to see a myriad of species all dependent upon one another for their survival, and ultimately we humans depend upon them for our own survival.

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